OAI-PMH Repository "No Verb Specified"

Hello, I tried harvesting meta data for my site and It is telling me No verb specified and the institution I am trying to submit it need it. How do I resolve the issue???

How are you getting this message? If you’re just going to the repository URL in your browser, then “no verb specified” is what’s expected as output: the repository only speaks the OAI-PMH protocol, which requires all requests to include a “verb.”

Look at it here https://libraries.journalcps.com/oai-pmh-repository/request.
From your answer, do you mean it is a normal thing???

But i tried submitting it to pkp for harvesting and it showed me no verb specified

I don’t know about the pkp part, but yes, that looks normal to me.

Here’s an example request with a verb specified, but any harvester should be taking care of that for you:


Okay thanks a lot, I appreciate your answer.

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