Oai-pmh modules

I have omeka s . 2.0.2. I install OAI modules… but I have these error

Error: OAI-PMH Repository requiere Omeka S ^1.0.0


This module has not yet been updated by their creator to work with v2.0.2 yet. You’ll have to wait until there are new releases to install those modules.

ok. Gracias


We’ve fixed this module to work with Omeka S 2.0.2. We made a pull request, but in the meantime you can install the module from our fork: https://github.com/Libnamic/Omeka-S-module-OaiPmhRepository

Just click on “Clone or download” then “Download ZIP” and you have it.

Thanks boca
I install the module and ok …but I have these error in OAI

Maybe you can help me?
Thanks very much

I pushed a fix via version 3.3.2 : https://github.com/Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-OaiPmhRepository . Can you try it?

yes of course.
This is the result

I don’t understand the issue, since it is related to the pagination, but it works when the web interface is used (https://www.koluel.org/oai?verb=Identify).

Ok Daniel
Thanks very much

Can you display the logs on the screen ?

Ok for the logs. The fix is done and you can install last version of the module, that is upgraded for Omeka 2.