OAI-PMH Harvest : Description and Creator Mapping

I am harvesting records from a BePress OAI-PMH repository using Omeka v2.7 and the OAI-PMH Harvester plugin v2.0.2.

I have some records that contain multiple descriptions. The main abstract for all records is output as <dc:description.abstract> and secondary descriptions (in this case, transcripts of audio files) are output as <dc:description>. For whatever reason, the simpler <dc:description> elements containing transcripts are not being imported at all.

Also, I’ve noticed that elements marked <dc:creator> and <dc:creator.interviewee> are imported as Contributors. This is not necessarily a problem but I would like to understand why this is.

Here is a the XML for a sample set exhibiting this behavior :point_left:

So this is just generally going to be a problem because the oai_dc format is really constrained, and this output is basically just hacking in extra data that the format doesn’t actually support. It does indicate this by exposing the metadata as a custom “qualified” format. Are you using the “stock” harvester, or could it be edited or from a different source? The normal harvester shouldn’t support those “dotted” elements at all, nor even try to use that format since it won’t recognize it…

Actually, assuming you’re using the stock harvester, what you’re seeing makes sense: the harvester only knows about the “normal” oai_dc format and not the custom one your link points to. “Interviewee” must be getting crosswalked over to Contributor in that regular format, and it appears to just omit the description/transcript you’re talking about entirely.

Ah ok! I was looking at the wrong output. The mapping makes a lot more sense now. Looks like I’ll need to followup with our BePress admin. Thanks!

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