Number of browse items on a page

Hi all,

I’m trying to write a plugin to change the number of browse items on a page.

I’m using Omeka v2.3.1 (can’t update, right now for operational reasons).

I’m familiar with PHP, but not coded a plugin for Omeka before

This is what I’ve got in plugin.php:

Preformatted text<?php

class EditDisplayPerPage extends Omeka_Plugin_AbstractPlugin

protected $_filters = array(

public function filterSBrowsePerPage($perPage, $args)
return 100;


?>Preformatted text

It installs, but I’m getting 10 items per page.

Can anyone figure out what the issue is?
Is there something wrong with the camelcased name for my function?
I’m using the filter name ‘s_browse_per_page’ instead of the older ‘items_browse_per_page’. Is that correct for v2.3.1?


Depending on the details, this might have a much simpler solution. If you go to the Appearance->Settings page, you can set the number of results returned.

If that doesn’t fit your need, could you be more specific about what and where you are looking to change the results?

Thanks! That’s got it. I don’t remember that option being there on earlier versions of Omeka. Oh well, saves me having to mess around with a plugin.