Nothing Happens When I Upload Images

Maybe this is just user error, but when I try to upload a Site Logo or any Assets, nothing happens. I don’t get an error message or anything. It just doesn’t show up. It shows up in the interface that I’ve selected a certain file to upload as an asset or thumbnail, but the upload button does nothing when I click it and if I click save at the top right, the image is never there when I come back. I have attached media to items and that works fine, but it does not auto-generate a thumbnail like it should. I’m not sure why. This may all be related. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

p.s. ImageMagick is installed. I was getting the error that ImageMagick was not installed when I tried to upload media, but now that works so I’m assuming ImageMagick is installed fine.

The “Asset” pickers in the admin interface want you to choose from the list of assets in the sidebar. What the Upload button there is supposed to do is add a new entry to the sidebar list, where you can then select it.

Any problems you’re having with Assets are probably not related to ImageMagick issues, since we don’t make thumbnails of Assets.