Not Able to access the admin page after installation

Hello All,

I have installed omeka 2.5 in a standalone server and i have 3 servers and i have been able to install in one of the server successfully with no problem, unfortunately using the story is not the same for the other two servers, am using apache2 installed in ubuntu 16.04.

after trying many times, i have been only able to install in one of the server, i can access the public page but when i try to access the admin page the i get the following errors

‘resources’ => array(
‘theme’ => array(
‘basePath’ => THEME_DIR,
‘webBasePath’ => WEB_THEME
// Set an admin flag to the front controller.
Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance()->setParam(‘admin’, true);

on the page, please any help would really be appreciated.

thanks in appreciation

If the code you posted gets printed to the page, then you likely either have some server problem executing PHP files, or you might somehow have a corrupted copy of the Omeka files (the admin/index.php file in particular, but if that’s the case you probably want a new clean copy of everything).