Northfield Theme, Shortcode Carousel and Recent Images/Featured Collections

Hi - I am hoping this is a simple issue of me being a bit dumb…
I have a new site ready to launch - I have noticed that the recently added items and the featured boxes at the bottom of the page do not update or change. They are always showing me the same items. I have tried flushing my laptop cache etc and am looking at it on different browsers.
I have tried to find others with the same issue and haven’t been able to… so I am a bit flummoxed.

Can anyone give me any advice of where to start to investigate why this is happening?
Thank you x

Out of curiosity, if you briefly switch over to a different theme does the issue persist?

oh thats a good question…
so when I changed theme it was changing the featured item… I’ve changed back and its now changing on the Northfield theme. Weird glitch, but good its sorted.
Recent item - when I changed to seasons it showed ‘recent items’ properly, but there was no carousel - its the carousel the way it is set up in the Northfield theme that shows the first 10 items I ever uploaded, and that is that… (I apologise, I didn’t make it clear enough its the shortcode carousel that is causing me the headache) the carousel doesn’t auto scroll either and all the info I have seen about it seems to infer it should?

Looking at the site for which the theme was apparently designed, it doesn’t move there, nor does it seem to update if you refresh the page. So it might be part of how it was built. (It also doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2017)

In other words… forget it? Or is there anything I might be able to do?

You might be able to get it to do what you want, you’ll probably just have to do some tweaking to the theme files.

Interestingly. the shortcode ‘item’ returns the oldest 10 items in the collection unless other parameters are used… this is what I am looking at in the carousel. So I shall now go on a shortcode bear hunt to try and find this ‘item’ and add ‘recent_’ to it…

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FOUND IT! It was the wrong shortcode in the index.php. Thank you… You helped my thinking :smiley:

That’s great! Congrats!

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