No thumbnails for PDF

I’ve just migrated from omeka classic to Omeka S 4.0.4
I don’t have thumbnails for pdf files, just a white square.

I have installed the latest version of IIIF Server and Image Server, Ghostscript 10 and ImageMagick 6.9.11. If I use the convert command, it works, I can convert a pdf into a thumbnail on my debian 12 (after modifying the policy.xml, tip found on this forum). I have no errors in the omekas logs (/logs/application), no errors in the apache logs. I don’t know where else to look…

In addition, with the mirador module I have a manifest message. Does this have anything to do with my thumbnail problem?
Thank you in advance for your help.

Do you possibly have multiple versions of ImageMagick on your server, and when you run convert yourself you’re using a different one than Omeka S is configured to use?

The issue of PDFs specifically being all-white thumbnails can happen if the Ghostscript being used by ImageMagick can’t read the images inside the PDF. But you being able to successfully use the convert command suggests something slightly different is happening.

Thanks for your quick reply. I’ve just checked, I only have one version of Imagemagick. However, the pdf I tested with the convert command doesn’t contain any images, so I’m going to test it with a pdf containing images.

it works with the convert command and a pdf file with a lot of pictures…

And just to double check, if you upload that exact same PDF that worked with convert through Omeka, you get a white thumbnail? And this is a completely white image, or is there anything else (for example, a thumbnail with an icon of an outline of a blank page means something different that a pure white thumbnail).

I made the double check with the same pdf, still the issue. It’s not a completly white image , here is a picture

The first line is a pdf file, and the second “Panneau 08” a simple picture (jpg)

So, the “page” icon there is what’s used when we don’t make a thumbnail at all for the uploaded file. That’s different than the “white” thumbnail I was describing that can be related to problems loading the embedded images in a PDF.

You might try enabling error logging. You should get a log entry when you upload something and we can’t make a thumbnail of it, which should give some information as to what’s happening.

ok, my logs are enabled. I try this :

On the lift side i clicked on Files(fichiers) , then when i have clicked on the right to download (charger) , I had an internal error. Perhaps this section is only for jpeg,png,tiff …

I had nothing on the logs. The logs are working because i resolved some issues with them.

ok, may be my pdf was too big , ifound this in apache2 error_logs :
POST Content-Length of 14975109 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0,

after updating my php.ini (max post size was 2M only ), it’s working :

I think i have to delete all my data on omekas and re-import from omeka classic

My import from Omeka classic to OmekaS is still running, i can see errors :

ok, now we can see clearly the error :

Thanks John for your help. I have the Thumbnails for Pdf now, my last post will concern a new Topic…