No Search Option on Mobile Device with Foundation Theme?

I have been using the Foundation theme since fall 2022 and just realized that the search option is not visible when viewing my site on a mobile device, specifically an iPhone. I am confirming the issue is on other mobile devices as well but want to ask the question now anyway.

Any idea why this feature is not available? I see nothing in the Foundation theme documentation mentioning Search not being available. I have looked through all settings and cannot find an option that needs to be enabled. Am I missing something?

Some details for troubleshooting:
Theme: Foundation (Revolution stylesheet)
Omeka Classic version 3.0.2

Can anyone offer a suggestion?
Thanks for your help,


This was an oversight that was fixed in Foundation v1.3 and requires an Omeka Classic update to v3.1. Hopefully updates to Omeka and your theme address the issue.

Thanks Kim, glad to know I didn’t miss something simple.
One last question though, The latest Foundation theme version I see online is 1.22 dated September 30, 2022. When will 1.3 be available?

It’s been out since December but a glitch meant it was not visible on the website. The latest version should now be available on the theme’s listing on,.