No alt tag for images


Is there a way to have alt tags for all the images?


I have proposed a way to implement this feature.

Great. That helps. Thank you

I’m all for improving the accessibility of sites, but I think we’ll need something a little more. The proposed solution puts in a title, which might or might not be helpful to people using screenreaders (and usually it isn’t helpful – often the opposite). I think we should aim for something about descriptive text. I’d have to double-check, but something like a dcterms:description on the media for the alt value might be more appropriate.

Indeed, dcterms:description by default is probably better.

Or a o:altText (wich would be defined as owl:equivalentProperty of cwork:altText)?

Hi everyone

Is there a timeframe for adding the alt text feature to images?

Many thanks

I’m working on it right now.

That is fabulous! You have made a few Tasmanian librarians VERY happy.

Has there been progress on this front? Without meeting this standard for accessibility, we will have to stop using Omeka and take down our current installation. As of the latest (1.2.0) release there still does not appear to be an obvious way of adding alt text to media elements.

Ah, sorry for the lack of updates.

The feature that went in to Omeka S 1.2.0 for this isn’t exactly what @pols12 suggested above, but is along those lines. Ultimately what it allows is for modules to hook in and alter the attributes, including alt.

I just published a new module called just AltText that provides one simple option for alt text: it adds a tab to the Media edit form where a user can explicitly enter the alt text that should be used. Other strategies like reading the text from an existing metadata property are possible with the module-based system too, but I decided to start with the explicit option first.

Since it relies on the filtering stuff I mentioned above, the AltText module requires Omeka S 1.2.0 (or newer versions as they arrive, of course).

Do you know if any Omkea S sites are using the Alt Text module?

We still have the module sitting on our Dev site as I can’t seem to get it working properly. The UTAS Omeka S platform uses a customised theme , do you think that could have anything to do with why the Alt-text isn’t appearing?


It’s possible… you could always temporarily switch to the default theme and see if it’s working there.