Newly added items not showing up in site on 3.0.2

We have a certain item set assigned to a site. When a new item gets created and is assigned that item set, it is NOT showing up on the site! This doesn’t work manually, nor through the collecting form either. The only way I can get new items to show up on the site is to go under “Resources” and basically do a “refresh” with the option of “Add - keep existing items and assign items from a new search” - THEN it shows up. But it won’t automatically show up like it used to. Is there a way around this without having to refresh it all the time? This is not good…


Omeka S 3 alters the way items are assigned to sites so it’s done explicitly: if you were previously using a set just to put things into a site, you can instead (or additionally) directly set the site(s) a new item should be in in the Sites tab when adding or editing the item.

Sites that should have all items in them can have a setting set to have all new items added to them by default.

Thank you. I see now that when manually adding an item, that there’s a sites tab and a site can be manually added there. The problem is, we have various collecting forms set up for different sites with their own item sets. The Collecting form has a setting for item set, so that when new items are submitted by a student or other users that don’t use the backend, the purpose is for all of those items to be added automatically to their respective site. Now it sounds like, when dozens of items are being added via the form, are you saying that they will now have to be edited manually before they appear on their own site? We don’t have sites that show all items in the system, so that option is out.

I just checked to see if a batch edit can be made on multiple items at the same time to be added to a site…it doesn’t appear to be possible at this time. Is this something that can be added to the list? It’s really going to be extremely time consuming if a site manager has to go through each item and assign the site one at a time…


As of version 1.6.1, the Collecting module will automatically assign collected items to the owning site.

The next release of Omeka S (coming soon) will include a way to batch assign items to sites.

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As Jim mentioned, we have an upcoming feature that adds site management to batch edit. In the current version, the “Resources” tab lets you make the same kinds of changes already, for example adding all the items matching a query to the site.

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Great to hear, thanks! Does soon mean within the next month or two? I’m curious if we should just wait to roll out the next version before rolling out this one from 2.

There’s really no need to wait, is there? You can already do what the batch edit will do via the site resources interface, as John mentions above.

I have already tried utilizing query through the site’s resources tab. Like I said, I don’t know why this is, but every time an item is added to an item set, it doesn’t appear on the site even though it is apart of that query…I have to go back into the resources tab and refresh it before it shows up on the site.

This is the way the system works in 3.0+: the Resources tab is now just effectively a “batch edit” just for making changes to the item pool for a site. It’s no longer setting a “live” query that auto-updates.

( Collecting version 1.6.0)

I’m having the opposite of this problem:

For some reason, when one of our curators configures a form, the submission to that form is going into the correct Item Set, yet it’s also by default Visible in several (but not all) of our other Sites in this instance of Omeka-S.

I went through the config to make sure everything is restricted properly, and all looks to be well.

Not sure why a form submission from one Site is Visible from some (but not all) other Sites???


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