Newbie - PastPerfect, Squarespace, No IT Dept, Oh my!

Forgive me for not reading through all of the Getting Started stuff so I don’t know if I posted in the correct place.

Small Historical Society using PastPerfect 5 for cataloging and Squarespace for a basic ‘who we are’ website (which a volunteer built, I can go in and change basic content but haven’t gotten too deep with it). I did not do my due diligence when acquiring PP’s Virtual Exhibit and Squarespace doesn’t appear to support FTP.

So is Omeka for me? We want to have occasional virtual exhibits (likely no more than 30-50 objects) and, at this point, I may just go in the direction of copy/pasting photos onto a content page. Do I have to recatalog items i Omeka? Would using Omeka create a Budget is currently zero but if I’m able to get a refund from PP, I have $400 period (not annually).

No server, single client computers in our little office and then the squarespace site recommendations, webinars, etc welcome.

As you don’t have a server which meets our installation requirements you might look at for hosting the occasional web exhibit. The url would be slightly different from your main website, but you could easily create cross-links in the menu (at least, from

If your collections management system exports to CSV, you could use that. Or you could add your items as needed, which other historical societies have done.

You might look specifically at Site Examples and Tips and the Feature List

Thank you, I’ll take a look. $35/year could be manageable or at for a year to see how we like it. But I’m still confused, is there a 100% free option?

Yes. The trial version of is free. It does have a somewhat limited set of themes and plugins.

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