New user email activation is not sent

I’m using Omeka 2.7.1. When I add a new user and I confirm and try to send the activation e-mail, it can’t be sent.
The message is: The e-mail can’t be sent.
What could be the problem?
How can I create a password for them, and in that case how can they connect?

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Email sending issues are usually down to your server’s configuration, for example in your case it may not be set up to send mail at all. If you have IT or hosts you can check with them, otherwise it’s about installing and setting up an “MTA” to allow mail to be sent.

As for setting up users, if you create a user, even if the email isn’t delivered, you can edit the user and manually set their password and mark them as “Active,” which will allow them to log in.

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but in order to log in…do they have to set up then “apache” and “Mysql”, don’t they? otherwise, I don’t see how they could.
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I’m not sure I’m understanding your question, but Apache and MySQL are requirements to run Omeka itself. Individual Omeka users don’t need to have anything specifically to do with either.

I have created a password for the new users and activated them.
What I mean is, Can they visit my exhibition from their computer if they don’t have omeka installed?? Do the other users have to install Omeka as well?

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Ah, I see what your question is now.

No, other users don’t need to install Omeka themselves. Omeka is software accessible over the web, so different users just visit the same single site installed on a server.

ok, thank you for your answer,
but I don’t understand yet, how the users can accede to my exhibition created on omeka, installed on my computer.
Could you please give me the exact link or address for them to be able to log in?

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Omeka’s designed to be run on a web server so other people can access it over the internet.

You can install it on a local machine like a desktop or laptop but (generally) this means other people won’t be able to access it.

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Now I understand better

Hi Lupe,

How do you activate an user in Omeka?

@jflatnes, then Omeka Classic from the public view has no a registration page? I mean like a login page?

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