New to Omeka and Dublin Core


I have an installation of Omeka S and are beginning of to work with Culture Heritage / Museum collections. But a question about Dublin Core: is it a Museum/Culture heritage extension for Dublin Core to download?


There is not a museum and cultural heritage extension for Dublin Core. DC is really the lowest common denominator of all the systems.

If you’re using Omeka Classic and looking for more specificity in your description you can install the Dublin Core Extended plugin which will bring you the full array of DC fields.

If you’re using Omeka S, you can import any LOD vocabulary that you want, including something like CIDOC-CRM.


Thanks for the answers! Sorry for basic questions from a newbie - but is a xml that you download from like; Versions of the CIDOC-CRM | CIDOC CRM

and install in Omeka S?

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Yes, that should be the place to start.

Here is the documentation on adding vocabularies to Omeka S.

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Hi again!

Another question, I haven´t really understood it yet when it comes to adding field in to Dublin Core:

  • It it “allowed” to add a custom field to a an installation of Omeka or are you breaking a standard?
  • I do not see any possiblies to add a new field (except import a new standard) or am I missing?
    (I would like to add two Description fields (like Owners Response and Owners Experience)
  • I understand that you can have several description fields (when importing) in DC but how do I rename them?
  • I understand that you can add custom controlled vocabulary for a field - but how to I add a description field like: dc: OwnersResponse without controlled vocabulary?

Grateful for all respons!

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Dublin Core is a fixed standard, so you only have access to the properties that are in the vocabulary.

If you are using Omeka S, you can use Resource Templates to mix and match terms from different vocabularies to describe an item. If you cannot find a vocabulary that has the term you need, then you can write your own but that is a bit complicated.

ok! Thanks! But you are allowed to have like three Description fields in DC (I managed to do that with an import. And what I understand DC supports that). But all the three fields have the same namn, it is a way to rename field 2 and 3?


No, the property label is fixed for multiple inputs, but you could use the value annotation to specify the difference.

Annotations cannot be created via the CSVImport module.

Thank you very much!