New theme for Omeka-S (1.x and 2.x)

I’m not sure exactly how useful this will be to the community, but I’ve been meaning to open-source this theme for a long time! So I finally pulled it together and published to GitHub here.

There is a decent amount of information in the documentation, including screenshots. But it certainly will require adaptation, which means you’ll need to dive in to the code to modify it.

The key feature is a Pinterest-style “grid” view! You can see this theme live in production at

I’m working on a version of this theme that will be compatible with Omeka S 3.0 and will have much more “Theme Settings” controls to adapt without diving into the code.

Ben Bakelaar
Digital Architect
Human Experience Systems, LLC


Thank you for sharing! Please consider also registering your theme so that it shows up on the Themes page for Omeka S:

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Not sure if it’s ready for prime-time promotion, it would be hard to use out of the box without going directly into the theme files.

Wow! Beautiful theme, and thank you for your work on this. Can’t wait to see it for 3.x.

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I just want to make sure that credit is noted (it’s in Github), this theme was developed by @adehner several years ago. :+1:

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I echo what was said by Rowena. This looks like a beautiful theme. Thanks!