New qualifiers to the dublin core extended plugin

Hello. I have a doubt. Is it possible to add new qualifiers to the dublin core extended plugin? New qualifiers like dc.contributor.editor (dc:contributor:editor),, dc.identifier.isbn
I would like to describe the documents with more specificity.
Thanks for your answers.


You could edit the plugin and add more fields, but they wouldn’t really be “Dublin Core” in the same sense anymore, as those fields aren’t standardized.

Adding new Item Type elements for these kinds of things is an option also.

Hi. In many libraries there are a standarize use of dc.contributor.autor
And others…
I can use item type metadata but what happen with interoperability whit another repositories?

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Hi @jflatnes,
I need something similar, I need dc.source.volume, dc.source.issue, dc.source.issn and another one.
But generating a new Item Type are not shown when performing a harvest by OAI-PMH and it is necessary that they appear.

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