New plugin: Hide Files

Hello everybody.

I’ve put together a new plugin, Hide Files (, that allows to hide specific files (for copyright or other reasons).

The plugin is adding a “public” column to the Files Omeka table, and exactly like for Items and Collections and Exhibits one can choose to make a file private (files are all public by default).

When trying to show a file (or its thumbnail), if the file is not public a custom thumbnail/text will appear instead, making the file inaccessible (Item will still be visible, though).

Please note:

  • release 1.0 is still a beta, as not all hiding checks are 100% confirmed. So please use it carefully, expecially for sensitive files;
  • there’s a know issue with output formats, some of which will disclose the original filename;
  • in order for the plugin to work, one must modify the core admin/themes/default/files/edit.php file (see file for instructions).

Please report any issue to or here; comments and suggestions are as always more than welcome.

Hope this helps.

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