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I’ve just finished and released on GitHub ( a new plugin, to turn URL’s in elements text into clickable hyperlinks.

With an original idea coming from, I’ve changed the conversion engine to include many more cases and e-mail too, then adding extra features as element selection etc.

As usual, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Hi @DanieleB thanks for your plugin. In my omeka installation, the plugin doesn’t work. This error is showing in my panel. Thanks for your answers.

Hi Lissette.

I’m puzzled, as the lines of code that are showing error in your installation are not referring to any index or to Dublin Core (in config_form.php, line 74 is a simple table row definition, while in ClickableLinksPlusPlugin.php line 54 is part of a SQL string). Plugin works fine on my installation (Omeka Classic 2.7), so could you please let me know which Omeka version are you using, plus could you check that the plugin files correspond to the latest version available (I think you might be on 1.0, while the latest is 1.1)?

Hope this helps.

Thanks. I’m using last Omeka 2.71.
I download the plugin from

I just installed version 1.1 of the plugin and an error appears on line 87

Thanks. It’s weird the latest version does not get listed, so I’ve asked who’s in charge of listing plugins to check that part and let me know.

As for the bug, I might have found the problem. If you could edit both config_form.php and ClickableLinksPlusPlugin.php files as follows and let me know whether this solves the problem, that could help (as I said, on my installation the problem does not appear):

config_form.php, line 87
if (isset($selectedElements[$es_name])) {

ClickableLinksPlusPlugin.php, line 58
if (isset($selectedElements[$element["e_set"]])) {


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Hi @DanieleB. I am very grateful for your help. I made the changes you mentioned and the plugin is already operational in my installation. :star: :star: :star:
This plugin saves me time with links.

Great, thanks for checking. I’ll update the code on GitHub.

Thanks also to @jflatnes for helping out with the latest version issue.

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