New module: UniqueProperties - Add unique item properties from admin and enforce uniqueness of property values when creating or updating items

We are excited to announce the release of a new Omeka-S module called Unique Properties. This module is designed to enhance the metadata management capabilities of your Omeka-S collections by allowing you to enforce the uniqueness of property values for specific properties when creating or updating items. Check it out here


  1. Simple user interface: With a user-friendly interface, you can easily configure the properties that must have unique values.
  2. Validation on item creation and updates: When creating or updating items, the module will automatically validate the data and ensure that the configured properties have unique values across all items.
  3. User-friendly error messages: If the validation detects any duplicate value, the module will raise an easy-to-understand error message, indicating the issue and helping administrators correct it.

Getting started

  1. Download the module from Release UniqueProperties-v0.0.1 · indic-archive/omeka-unique-properties · GitHub (ensure you have the latest version of Omeka-S installed).
  2. Install it by uploading the zipped file to omeka-s modules folder.
  3. Activate the module by clicking “Install” next to the Unique Properties module in the Modules tab.
    Navigate to the Unique Properties configuration page in your Omeka-S dashboard (Modules → Unique Properties → Configure).
  4. Choose the properties you wish to enforce unique values for and save your changes.