New Item: Restrict to Site

This is something that has been going on for a while in our Omeka-S instance:

When adding a New Item one must select the Site(s) to which it should be attached.

The problem is, it looks like by default it’s attached to all Sites and that you must go through and click the trashcan to get rid of the ones you don’t want – kind of backwards from the way I assume it should work.

Is there some way to simply Restrict all New Items in a particular Item Set to JUST a single Site?


I hope to understand your problem.

I think it could be related to a site setting :
Select a site Site Admin > Settings > General
unselect the “Auto-assign new items”
(this setting is selected by default when you create a site)

That did it – Thanks!

(But soooo counterintuitive, at least to me. You would think Auto-Assign would mean “automatically assign my new Item to THIS Site” not “automatically assign ALL new Items across Omeka-S to THIS new Site”.)

You can actually set default sites for items that you create: Users - Omeka S User Manual

Thanks. So useful! That’s exactly what I want/need to do.

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