New Item: List of Sites

When I go to add a new Item, in the Sites tab 6 or our 36 Sites show up. (see attached screenshot)

Why these 6 and not the others?

How can I limit Sites here to only those that I own?

(We just had a Curator create some Items and not specifically select the Site to which it should be attached. So those Items were automatically applied to the default 6 Sites in the attached screenshot. Want to limit this to, at most, the Sites the Curator owns.)



As an admin, or an individual user, you can set default sites for yourself. The option is in the Admin: Users section.

If you edit a user, you will see the option under User Settings tab just under the setting for the user’s default resource template.

It seems we’ve not updated the documentation to reflect the default site setting, so I’ll make an issue for us to do that.

And the documentation has been updated. It should deploy this evening.

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