New id from value table automatically set to "0"

Hi everyone,

Some days ago, I noticed a problem on one of my Omeka sites. I couldn’t create a new item without losing every bit of data except the title of my item and the image that is associated with it. I could fill out the field, but after the save, it doesn’t appear on my items.
After a quick investigation, I noticed that in the value table of the SQL database, the new lines have the id “0” on the column “id” which is not the best primary identifier, I guess.

Here is a screenshot :


I suppose this is the reason for my problem. Does anyone experience something like that ? Or know how I can fix it ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

It’s highly unusual for the the ID to be 0 and to have duplicate IDs. Could you attach a screenshot of your “System information” page (link at bottom of page). Typically these issues are related to an installed module or modules. Did this problem appear after installing a module? Try deactivating all modules and seeing if the problem persists. It not, activate one module at a time to determine which module is causing the problem.