New Freedom version now doesn't display my media's thumbnails!

I have items that have use HTML for the media in order to embed videos from another platform (Panopto). In order for thumbnails to show up on the browse items page, I had used the media’s “advanced tab” to upload a screenshot of the videos as a thumbnail.

Since I updated the Freedom theme to version 1.0.6, those thumbnails don’t display anymore on the browse page, but still show when I go to the advanced media’s tab. Is this intentional or something that needs to be fixed? Is there a current workaround for this?


Are you sure this is something that changed between Freedom versions?

In general the thumbnails set on media don’t actually get used when browsing the items, or in general when asking for a thumbnail for the item.

We’re in the process of changing this actually, so that a custom thumbnail on a media will get used for the item when appropriate, across all themes.

Oh ok, that’s great to hear. Yes, well I had Freedom version 1.0.4 installed and I discovered that when I uploaded a thumbnail to one of my items, it showed up…and then when I upgraded the theme, it disappeared. However, initially, I had another media uploaded to serve as the thumbnail, and then I tried updating by uploading the same image to the advanced tab and then deleting the second media image. Perhaps it got cached.

Will the custom thumbnail on a media be used for the item in the next theme version release? I’m just curious around what timeframe this might be available. That timeframe will determine how I handle our current installation.


The update that changes this behavior for the thumbnails will be an update to the core, version 4.1.1, not an update to individual themes.