New Admin Tools plugin

Hello everybody.

I’ve created a new plugin, Admin Tools, that reunites a few tools that should make life easier for Super Users.

Functions available are:

  • Site Under Maintenance: blocks out from Public interface not-logged in users (and also from Admin interface some logged-in users), displaying instead an “Under Maintenance” sign.
  • User Manual: allows for a User Manual (or other document) to be made available for logged-in users.
  • Cookie Bar: adds to Public interface a header or footer bar with simple information about cookies and privacy policy via the jQuery cookiebar widget.
  • Limit Visibility to Own: limits Item/Collection/Exhibit visibility to only the ones created by the user (Admin interface).
  • Public Edit Link: adds a edit link to Items/Collections/Exhibits/Files/Simple Pages to Public interface for logged-in users.
  • Database Backup: creates a backup copy of the Omeka database, storing it locally (in Omeka’s files directory) and also making it available for download.
  • Sessions Table: allows trimming of the Omeka table recording sessions, in case automatic trimming was not effectively working.

Some of these tools existed as individual plugins, some just as part of them, so I’m indebted to the original creators for their coding and contributions.

I’m also very much indebted to @chazzo for his extensive testing and useful suggestions, and to @jflatnes for his advice on retrieving info stored in Omeka.

Hope you can find this plugin useful. As usual, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Just added a new function to quickly delete all unused tags (i.e. tags that are no more associated with any record). Last release is now 1.5