NestedDataTypes Module?


Just wondering if anyone knows the status of the NestedDataTypes module. The last update was for v3 compatibility. I’ve asked in the issues but no response.

It solves a problem for those of us using CIDOC-CRM and its nested nature, and would save unnecessarily building out the graph (e.g. the Dimensions example given on their page), so I was wondering if there’s other alternatives?

I might try fork it, but the issues do suggest performance issues with it. Anyone had experience with using it and can verify? Any other issues?


Hi John,

I also think this is a very important module!

I’ve tried it with Omeka S v3 and it worked good with smallish vocabularies. Adding made the (admin part of the) system almost unresponsive and a lot of out-of-memory errors. I think there’s some inefficient ORM going on, but lack the skills to solve (and update to v4).


Ah, glad others do see a use for it, I’m very aware we’re pushing OmekaS to do things that don’t really fit it’s original design and purpose (or indeed LoD best practices)!

Glad too that it’s only the admin that is slow, not the record search and display themselves.

If there’s no other sensible alternative, then I should have the coding skills to port to v4 and perhaps figure out the performance issue, if not the in-depth OmekaS internals knowledge…