Nested collections

Two quick questions:

  1. Is it possible to have sub-collections? My main collection ‘Newsletters’ has three sub-collections (articles grouped by period/dates). So under Newsletters, I want Newsletters 1927-1951, Newsletters 1951-1995, Newsletters 1995-present. Just like folders within a main folder on your PC.

  2. Is it possible to ditch all the Dublin Core stuff? … which is way over the top for our needs, and an unnecessary encumberance to both admin and public view. I’m sure it’s useful for big collections, but it’s overweight for small private libraries.


You might want to try the Collection Tree plugin for nesting: Omeka Classic - Collection Tree

None of the Dublin Core elements are required, and you may use the Hide Elements plugin to control the element visibility: Omeka Classic - Hide Elements

Thanks, Sharon, that’s most helpful - I will take a look at those plugins.