Need to mirror/reuse content across multiple exhibits

We are looking for a code-based solution for a project that needs to provide identical framing content in multiple exhibits. The goal is to select/add existing content (pages) and have it show up within the native navigation structure of a new exhibit. Ideally, this would also mean that updating the page in one place would save time updating across exhibits. Has anyone worked on this? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

If the framing content isn’t too complex, you might create a new layout for Exhibit Builder. It would pretty simply just add hard-coded content, that you could then add as a block to whatever exhibit pages you need to. That’d reuse the content from one place and put it all within Exhibit Builder’s structures.

Sadly, there is not a way to clone the content and navigational structure of an exhibit at the moment.

It might be possible to create a plugin that interacted with the Exhibit Builder to do that.

Thanks for your thoughts on this @patrickmj. We would actually need to repurpose lots of different content in lots of different places so were thinking of something more flexible.

What we would love to build is a layout that mimics the functionality of the file block, but instead of offering a form searching all items, it would search all exhibit builder pages (filterable by exhibit, tag, etc.) and then add a block that embeds that page’s content in the current exhibit page. Does that sound doable to you? Maybe leveraging exhibitPageTree? Or have @sharonmleon or others brainstormed a better way to clone content we’re not thinking of?

We would be happy to experiment with this as a project this fall, but if you have any pointers for what you think might work, or might not we’d appreciate it!