Need some Help with DNS

Hi all,

I recently installed Omeka Classic on a Virtual machine (on a server). I want to access this from outside the internal network. I was told i need a dns entry to do this. How would I go about this? Could someone give step by step instructions for me please?

What exactly you need to do to create a DNS record is going to vary depending on your provider. The basic process is to get the public IP address for your server and point a domain at that address. Most DNS providers have pretty simple web-based interfaces for making DNS records. If you’ve bought your own domain, it’s fairly common for the registrar you got it from to operate the DNS, but you can set it up all sorts of different ways.

If you’re at an institution and using an institutional domain, you’ll have to work with the IT there to see what the process you need to follow is.

I tried doing that but it isnt working.

PS, I am the IT depatement…

Hmm, in what way doesn’t it work?

Seems to me you have two basic issues: 1, do you have an externally-accessible IP for this server/VM? If you do, then step 2 of setting up an A record in DNS should be simple. If you don’t have an accessible address then you have issues that go beyond DNS.

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