Need help with HTTPS on Nginx

Hi there,
I’m using Omeka S on Reclaim Cloud, installed from their “Marketplace” image. It uses Nginx as its server (so my .htaccess experience is useless here).

I have a valid SSL cert installed on the server. When I visit my Omeka homepage using HTTPS, the page displays correctly. If I try to visit any other page with HTTPS, Omeka throws a 404. If I force HTTP instead of HTTPS, it shows me the pages.

I’ve read through the forums and seen some similar issues, but none with a solution that seemed relevant (or that I could understand). Any ideas where I can start looking for a solution? I saw that there was a “recipe” for Omeka S for something related to a similar issue, but I don’t know what Nginx recipes are or how they work, or how one might update Nginx configs, and my web searching didn’t turn up anything obvious. Thanks so much for any ideas you might have.

We don’t support Nginx “out of the box”: we ship with an .htaccess that handles sending all the requests to our main index.php file. Your symptom of “it works on the front page only” sounds like there’s no similar configuration for nginx in place, or it’s not working properly. This is basically the same behavior you get if the .htaccess is missing when running under Apache.

As just a guess, if things are working fine for HTTP and not HTTPS, I’d look to see if there’s a different nginx config being used for HTTPS. It may be a simple case of needing to, for example, copy the relevant config directives being used for HTTP to the HTTPS config.