Need help with Faceted Browse

I’m trying to get my head around Faceted Browse.

In my Custom Vocab module I have defined a vocabulary with 13 terms labelled “Topics.”

In my Resource Template I define the data type for a field I call “Topic” to be the Custom Vocab Topics vocabulary.

I want to create a Faceted Browse page that initially displays all the terms in the Topics vocabulary as links such that when the user clicks one it displays all the items whose Topic field matches the value the user clicked. How can I accomplish this?


There is a manual/tutorial that explains this very well here: Faceted Browse - Omeka S User Manual

What you’re trying to achieve can be done by:

  1. Creating a faceted browse page

  2. Adding a category for the Topic filter with the options below:
    a. In the Property field, select your Topic property
    b. in the Query field, select Is exactly
    c. in the Select type, pick your preference among single or multi-select
    d. In the Values field, populate the values with all the terms using the Add all available values link that displays below

  3. Adding your faceted browse page to one of your site’s navigation

Hope that helps.