NeatlineTime on mobile phone?

Hello !

Is NeatlineTime suppose to work on mobile phone ?

It doesn’t work on mobile but it’s ok on computer on the site I’m working on.

Thank you for your help !

Are you having an issue in which you can’t move the timeline? We had that issue, too, and made some edits to NeatlineSimile/views/shared/javascripts/dist/simile/js/timeline-bundle.js

We commented some code out around line 32, and added code beginning on line 47: (omekamap/timeline-bundle.js at master · galvinlibrary/omekamap · GitHub)

IIRC, the issue was that Neatline engaged the keyboard, even when it wasn’t visible, so it wasn’t registering attempts to scroll the timeline. It was a while ago, though, so my memory is foggy. Hope this helps!