NeatlineSimile help


I’m currently using the Neatline plugin, along with the NeatlineSimile and NeatlineWaypoint plugins to create a timeline of when buildings existed. For each of the records, I created a shape and placed it on the map. Afterwards, I gave each of them an after date, although only a few buildings also had a before date. However, I keep coming across on annoying problem. Whenever I click on a building, it changes the time on the timeline. If the building only has an after date, it goes to whatever date is the after date, or it goes one day before and causes the building to go away because it is before the after date. If it has a before and after date, however, it goes somewhere in between them. I want this to stop happening, but have not been able to find a solution. Is there a way to make it so that any time someone would click on a building, it wouldn’t also change the date on the timeline?

Any help is much appreciated.


The timeline responding to a click on a map annotation is the way we designed Neatline to function, so having values filled in to the dates fields will recenter the timeline to match the data in those fields. (However, moving the timeline to one day before the After date looks like a bug to me, so I’ll be reporting that to our developers. It happens when I use our installation that’s Omeka 2.4.1 + Neatline 2.5.1, but not when I use our installation that’s Omeka 2.5 + Neatline 2.5.1.)

Because After and Before dates are used to manage visibility, your annotations are going to appear and disappear as the timeline moves. If you use Start and End (or just Start, in the case of a building that is still standing at the present), the annotations will always be present on the map, even if the timeline shifts.

Please do let me know if you have further questions. I’m happy to help!


Thank you for your feedback.

However, is there a way to modify the timeline so that it does not modify the date on the timeline when an annotation is clicked? I want to keep the before and after dates to show how the area has developed over time, but I don’t want there to be such dramatic jumps in time. I’d like to have it so the user has to scroll on the timeline to move it and see the buildings disappear as they go back, and reappear as they go forward. So, is there a way to modify Neatline to not have the timeline move when an annotation is clicked on, or would we be out of luck?

Any help is appreciated.