Neatline Timeline Height Auto adjust


I have an issue with the Neatline Timeline plugin and having many dates within a similar range.
In the attached photo, you can see it extends beyond the scope of the dates.
Is there a way within the CSS to auto-height the timeline to fit all of the data?

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Neatline Time isn’t our plugin, but I’m happy to take a crack at it.

I can’t replicate this with the basic Neatline code. Can you let me know which Omeka theme you’re using? It may be having an interaction. The thing that seems to govern this is in the file plugins/NeatlineTime/views/shared/javascripts/simile/timeline-api/timeline-bundle.css.

When I use my browser to uncheck the “overflow:hidden” part of

.timeline-container {
    position: relative;
    overflow: hidden;

then I can see more or less what you see. But that line should be operating as normal for you.

I don’t think you can easily auto-height the timeline; there doesn’t seem to be an element generating a height value in that way. What you can do is manually change the height and top values of several elements, to whatever the max is that you’d like to display, and ensure that overflow:hidden keeps working as intended.

Pop the following into the CSS Editor plugin:

#timeline-band-1 {
top:450px !important;
height:50px !important

#timeline-band-0 {
height:450px !important

.neatlinetime-timeline {

And let me know if that helps at all.