Neatline Plugins

To whom it may concern:

I am interested in using Neatline with its plugins (waypoints and simile timeline) for Omeka 2.0 with my digital history class this semester. These plugins do not seem to be available on the Omeka Classic website or on github. Are they available to download somewhere else?

Thanks for your help!

~Adina Langer
Kennesaw State University

You should be able to find the plugins for Neatline on their homepage or their github, along with documentation for Neatline.

The website redesign of late 2017 included some additional requirements for plugins. Non-RRCHNM plugins may not be included yet as their developers work through bringing them in line with the new registration process and requirements.

The Neatline widget plugins, including Waypoints and SIMILE Timeline, are now listed on the plugins list alongside Neatline itself.

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