Neatline Image Layer Default view

Hi! Our project is in the process of migrating to a new server, and we have Neatline exhibits with images as base layers that we’d like to be the default view when pages load. The pages previously loaded this way, but on the new server we’re getting an OpenStreetMap displaying first and then users have to toggle to the image. The image layers display fine when we toggle: we just want the default/sole view to be the image layer.

We’re using Neatline 2.5.1 and Omeka 2.4.1. Thanks!

Whoops: quick update: the new migration is from Neatline 2.5.1 to Neatline 2.5.2.

Hi! Just following up here: the issue we were encountering had to do with our attempt to upgrade to Neatline 2.5.2: when we stuck with Neatline 2.5.1, the pages loaded the way they always had in the past. Seems like there may be an issue with the default map / base image view in 2.5.2, but I believe this ended up getting flagged by someone working on Neatline in a conversation I initiated beyond this forum. Just wanted to document here in case anyone was running into issues with Neatline 2.5.2!