Neatline exhibit: Polygons / annotations no longer displaying

Hi! I’ve got a few Neatline exhibits in Omeka (2.4.1). We’ve created polygons and annotations on top of an Image base layer and things were fine (the polygons and annotations were visible for the past year), but I’m currently not able to see the polygons or the annotations on the exhibits: the records are still present and the polygon color settings suggest they should be visible, but I can’t see anything on the exhbits. Any thoughts on what might be causing this to happen? Thanks!

Hi! Quick update. The library migrated a bunch of its hosted content to a new server, and once I let them know this issue came up they re-migrated us back to the original server.

The polygons are visible again on our exhibits, but we’re encountering a NEW error where updates made to records in exhibits are visible on the public-facing side (which is good) but are not showing up in the Neatline exhibit back-end (which is bad).

In any case, the library still doesn’t have a clear read on what is causing this issue, so if anyone from Omeka / people familiar with Neatline have thoughts, please let me know! This is my third go-round with Neatline exhibit-building on a digital humanities project, and I’d love some feedback / best practices thoughts on how to make the experience less of a pain for me and collaborators hosting projects. We didn’t run into these issues with my first use of Neatline at a different university, but I don’t have any record of if/how they addressed particular challenges behind the scenes that made the Neatline experience smoother. Or maybe things are different in other ways: that project was back in 2013-4.

The library folks I’ve been working with have been great and responsive to my requests, but I think they are equally frustrated due to lack of familiarity with Neatline. Have other people working with Omeka/Neatline sites hosted on library servers run into challenges or found reliable resources/tips beyond the forums and documentation? Also happy to provide additional info if the description of the issues here could be more detailed. We’ve mainly been working in Chrome.