Neatline: Embedding images in records

Dear Neatline,
Could you please tell me the most straightforward route to placing an image within a record? To be clear, I want images to be available when visitors to the website click on the point. Is this only possible through creating an item, or can upload an image through a more straightforward means?
Thanks very much.

Hi Jack,

The Neatline plugin does not have any upload functionality within itself, so any images used will need to be hosted through Omeka or elsewhere. You can include an image within the body of a record through the steps found here:

From the text tab of the record, click on the option for “Edit HTML” found next to “Body” section. This will open an editing screen - click on the icon for image (rectangle with mountains). In the image properties, copy/paste the URL of the image, and make any adjustments for height/width, then click ok. This will insert an image into the body of the record’s pop-up box.

Hope that helps, please let us know if you have any further questions.


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