Neatline Compatibility?

Hi All,

Longtime Omeka Classic + Neatline user who wants to migrate to Omeka S because of the latter’s multisite capabilities. So I created a sandbox with Omeka S 3.2.0 and Neatline 0.4.0 (which is what shows up upon install, despite the GitHub repository saying it’s the 1.0.0 release: Releases · performant-software/neatline-omeka-s · GitHub). Upon install, though, clicking on the Neatline module just brings up a blank page. (I should add I manually updated the PHP path as required by Omeka S and Reclaim’s docs:

So I am wondering if Neatline is, as a project, no longer worth using or pursuing. I’ve reached out to Performant a couple of times, who claim to be the maintainers of Neatline now. But they’ve not gotten back to me. The Neatline for Omeka S GitHub repository is also now read only, while Neatline for Omeka Classic remains active. So I am trying to figure out how much to pursue this.

Sorry. I supposed this is not a specific, technical question. I’m just trying to figure out if I’ll be able to use these two pieces of software together.

Thanks all,