Neatline and Google Maps API

I’m reading the Neatline installation documentation, which state that a Google Maps API is required. I have two questions:

  1. Does this mean that without the Google Maps integration Neatline won’t work at all?

  2. Are there any open source options instead of using Google Maps with Neatline? I read something about a Leaflet integration on the Twitters but I haven’t been able to find any installation/setup instructions.

Hi alehandrof,

Apologies for the delay in responding!

Neatline for Omeka Classic comes with Open Street Maps and Stamen maps, so unless you need Google Maps, you can just use the open source maps, avoiding Google.

Neatline for Omeka S will integrate Leaflet, but it will not work for Neatline 2.x.


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Thank you Ronda. That’s very helpful. It wasn’t clear from the plugin’s documentation that there was an alternative option to Google Maps :pray:

The word “must” in the docs confused me:

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