Navigation questions: menus and sub-menus, pages and child pages, inter-page links, index page

Hello Omeka team,

I have got some questions about current and developing Omeka S navigation possibilities to know which navigation structure to adopt:

  • Is there a way to create a main menu with submenus ? it seems that Omeka S allows to create only a main navigation menu in Navigation, with all labels necessarily pointing to a page. How could one embed submenus in some of the labels? Would it be by programming one’s own navigation menu and put it in the header of a theme?

  • Is there a way to create an arborescence in the pages of a site? the “Table of contents” block one can select when building a page actually mentions child pages but has never worked in my case (the “Line Break” block neither), and how to declare that a page is the child of another?

  • Is there a way to make links between pages of a site? at the moment I declare a link in an HTML block and there is the possibility in Navigation to make links towards each of the pages created but this would be actually also very practical to have it as a block when building a page, especially for non-programming administrators.

  • Is there a way to define the index page of the site? currently the titles of the sites in the index of the project (server/name_of_project/) or in the admin dashboard (server/name_of_project/admin), the site title and logo in themes, and the logout fonction in the navigation menu all point to the last created page, could that be decided in the settings of the site instead?

Sorry if I missed any previous answer addressing these topics and thank you for your insights about any of the above :slight_smile:

In terms of submenus, you should be able to create child and parent items in the navigation by dragging and dropping the arrangement - drag a child item onto the parent item.

Also, the topmost item in the navigation will be the main page/home/index of your site.

The link that you provided be able to create child and parent items in the navigation doesn’t work. I would also like to add a submenu to one of the main site nav labels.

You’ll want to look at the documentation page for site navigation

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