Navigation menu order not read from database after import

Hi, I’m trying to pull some changes made on a production site back to a development server and having trouble with the navigation.

Importing a mysqldump of the db seems to work fine for most of the data, except that changes made to the ordering and nesting of navigation pages doesn’t register. The value of ‘public_navigation_main’ in the omeka_options table holds the correct updated order, but the public nav menu shows the old order as does the Admin > Appearance > Navigation form. I’ve tried a hard refresh to no avail. Is value cached somewhere? Is there a way to force the form to read the value from the db again?

Thanks for any leads!

What does the navigation panel on the admin side look like?

There’s not really any caching for the navigation data, but if there’s some issue with the value in the database such that Omeka can’t read it, you’ll get a default set of navigation instead.