Navigation/Custom URL issues

I believe there is a glitch with the Navigation “Custom URL” feature.

From the Admin/Site/Navigation page, i want to add a Custom URL to direct users to another site (Blog). I type out the label and the URL and hit save.

The public interface shows the label correctly, but the URL is in correct. It is

I want to also state that i’m using reclaim hosting (RH). RH recently did an auto update to Omeka S 2.0 and it kinda messed up my entire site. I restored it back to 1.4 because all the modules i needed weren’t compatible with the upgrade. Before the update, the Custom URL worked and there were no issues.


You’re saying that you put something like as the custom URL and the link that comes out goes to ? Something like that?

I can’t reproduce any issues with the custom URL really… if you start the URL with a slash it will be a link relative to the root of your current URL, and if you want to link out to another domain entirely you need to start the URL with http:// or https://

Thank you!

Yes, i was initially getting

However, when i added the Http://, the custom URL removed the root url. I didn’t recall i needed to do that before, but nonetheless, thank you very much for assistance.