Native mobile applications

I am looking for people that would be interested in helping me develop a free open source mobile solution that can be used by the community. I have a preliminary Android application which you can see at, and I am currently working on the same thing for iOS. Being just a CS student, I’m sure there is a lot of stuff that I can improve on and would love feedback from the community, and I can provide access to my GitHub repository for anyone who is interested in expanding on what I have done in Android.

You might be interested in Omeka Everywhere

Could you say a little more about the app, like what it aims to do, and what audience it is intended to serve?

The primary focus of the app is to provide as much map functionality as possible for the items in the Omeka collection. I did look into Omeka Everywhere, and I did add a map to what they provided for source code. It just isn’t really what we want for an app, and the goal is native, not a c ++ implementation that provides a less than ideal user experience Imo.