Multiple media types for one item

Is it possible to upload different media types for one item? For example we have an audio file (MP3) and the corresponding transcript as a PDF file. Both need to be linked to one item. Can both files be uploaded a with the file names using the multivalue separator where the audio file can be played and the PDF embedded in the PDF viewer?

You can upload multiple different types of media to the same item, whether through an import or directly through the UI or otherwise.

How the display works for those is somewhat determined by the theme and and how you’ve configured it, whether the theme is set to directly embed the media on the item page, to use a silder-type interface, or just link to the media.

Thank you for confirming. I will give it a try.

I am using the Universal Viewer and the configuration for the site is to embed the media on the Item pages. Also the Universal Viewer “Property supplying an external manifest” is set to “Dublin Core: HasFormat”. Currently the media files (MP3 and MP4) will play in the Universal Viewer, but the corresponding PDF transcript will not display in the Universal Viewer along with the media file. I assumed it would work similar to when there are multiple images for one item (multi-value field). Let me know if this is a correct assumption.