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Hi All,

Using Omeka Classic 2.7.1 and the Contrbution plugin 3.2.

Is it possible to allow contributors to upload multiple files to an item? Right now contributors can only upload one file per contribution. This seems like an unnecessary limit.



The default function of the plugin is to only allow one file at a time.

People working on collecting projects in the past have found workarounds and might have suggestions for alternate ways of collecting items with multiple images. I think some of them have offered an email address for multi-image or particularly large contributions.

Thanks for the reply. In the interim I am putting a note on our About page suggesting folks reach out. But I thought since we can upload multiple files on the back end that there might be a way to allow multiple uploads on the front. Cheers!

It’s possible that there’s a way to tweak the code, but that’s beyond my expertise.

Same. Which was why I asked. :wink: Thanks again.

I had the same dilemma, and may have just figured out a duct-tape-like solution:

Open the file /plugins/Contribution/views/public/contribution/type-form.php

Line 17 has:

<?php echo $this->formFile('contributed_file', array('class' => 'fileinput')); ?>

Comment it out, so it looks like this:

<?php #echo $this->formFile('contributed_file', array('class' => 'fileinput')); ?>

…and right underneath it, add:

<input type="file" name="contributed_file[]" id="contributed_file" class="fileinput" multiple>

Seems to work?


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