Multilingual sort

I’m creating a multilingual site with the Internationalisation module and the Multilingual theme. Both of these are awesome and work well together.

One piece that is not working great is sort.

My items have English and Spanish titles. Each title value has a language code. When I’m viewing the English version of the site, I see the English titles only. Then when I sort these items by title, I expect that the English titles would be sorted. But that’s not happening. It seems like the sort is using the first title entered in the item, regardless of language.

Has anyone solved this issue? Or does anyone have suggestions for getting this to work?

The sorting for title uses a saved “title” property for every resource, and there’s only one for each resource: no changing to different languages.

A module could add a title sort that would be less efficient, but would be able to look at the site language and sort only using values that matched. This could either be just an extra option, or be set up to replace the “normal” title one in the set of options users can choose.

Thanks @jflatnes
Here’s what I decided to do, in case it’s useful to anyone who finds this topic.

For this project, I decided to use one property for the original title (dcterms:title) and another for the translated title (dcterms:alternative). Both will display throughout the site no matter the site language. The translated title will display like a subtitle, followed by “(trans.)” so it’s clear that this is the title in translation.

Then I added separate sort options for the original and translated titles so they can be sorted independently. I hope this will be clearer for users.