Multilanguage sites development

We have been checking out Omeka S, and we find really interesting the option of upload a piece of content in different languages, but we miss the option to do the same with each site we can create.
I mean, if a site would be multilanguage, each user could select a language for his navigation (for example Basque), and all the contents could be served to him in this language (if they are available in this language, if not, the content could be served in the main language predefine in the site, for example, Spanish).
Maybe you have taken into account this option in your roadmap already, but I don´t find it… If it isn´t in your roadmap I would encorage you to consider this idea, because for installations oriented to reagions where coexist two or three languages could be really usefull.
Thank you for your work. It is impresive :slight_smile:
Best regards,

There has been considerable discussion on this (for example here), but I think we’re still trying to figure out what the best approach is. I know of two organizations pursuing different approaches via modules and themes, based on their different requirements. So, it’s something very much on our minds, and I think we’re trying to see what the Omeka S community wants and needs and builds.

Thank you very much for your answer Patrick!
Maybe I´m wrong, but actually, it seems that could be enough with treating the sites as the metadata does…
I´ll try to follow the evolution of the multilanguage development :slight_smile: