Mp4 not playing

I’ve uploaded an mp4 and on its media page I can play it, but it doesn’t play on the live item page. I’m guessing this has to do with me using IIIF - is this so? Is there a way for the film clip to play easily? I want the majority of items to be viewed via the universal viewer and I only have six video clips.
I can just put them on the web-readable server I guess and then link them but I wanted them embedded. Youtube is not an option.

Sites have a setting “Embed media on item pages.” Does that help?

I’m not sure what impact the Universal Viewer might have or not have on this problem.

I have that selected.
Is there a way to override the Universal Viewer for these six items? I solved it somewhat by making a page and embedding them on the page. They can be viewed like that. But I would like them on their item pages.

Yeah, if it’s the Universal Viewer that’s “interfering” here I don’t know that I’ll be that much help; I don’t really have much specific knowledge about that module. It should be possible to make it either “skip” some items completely, to embed the video files alongside the viewer if there’s a mixture of different media on an item, or (possibly?) to embed the video within the viewer… but I don’t have much substantive to say on how you’d go about accomplishing any of that.

Thanks - it’s ok. Having them on a separate page is an ok work-around. However, it would be great to have an image-focused collection, i.e. with Universal Viewer used for pretty much everything, with only a handful of exceptions. I was kind of hoping that the video would appear in the viewer like everything else.
Ah, well. no worries.