Moving items accross Omekas with the API


I would like to move all the items of one omeka installation (let’s call it “omeka A”) to another omeka installation (“omeka B”). Omeka B contains already few items.

According to the documentation, a good way to do this is by the Omeka API Import plugin. Therefore,

  • I activated the API on Omeka A (I can see items when browsing to http://myomeka/api/items).
  • I installed Omeka Api import plugin on Omeka B.
  • I disabled Collection Tree plugin on Omeka B to avoid conflict.

The import process in Omeka B creates no errors but none of the items are imported.

I tried the following with no effect:

  • Use a API key (my user account created all items on Omeka A).
  • Make all items public in Omeka A and then tried to import with and without API key.

Do someone have an idea? I can send you the urls of Omeka A and B by private message.

In addition to setting the environment to develop, have you edited the config.ini so thatdebug.exceptions = true (line 42) and log.priority = Zend_Log::DEBUG (line 93)?

What other plugins do you have installed on Omeka A and Omeka B?

Hi mebrett,

Thank you for your answer.

I edited the config.ini of Omeka B (destination) like you asked. But I have still no error when trying to import. The environment is already set for development.

And here are all the plugins:

Omeka A (source)

  • Coins
  • ExhibitBuilder
  • HideElements
  • LiveBook
  • PdfText
  • Reference
  • SearchByMetadata
  • SimplePages
  • SimpleVocab

Omeka B (destination)

  • Coins
  • CollectionTree (disabled)
  • ExhibitBuilder
  • Geolocation
  • ItemRelations
  • OmekaApiImport
  • Reference
  • ShortcodeCarousel
  • SimpleContactForm
  • SimplePages
  • SimpleVocab
  • Stats

Ok I tried to see what plugin could be non standard and potentially problematic and I remove Livebook form Omeka A. After that, the API import works fine.