Moving from to standalone Omeka loses original file names

We have been finally successfully started transfer from to locally installed Omeka Classic. Transfer is done via API Import and seems to be running smoothly. Except file names are completely messed up.


We had an item at with one file (image). Original image file name, which was uploaded into, was “1984-03-27-Doku-Film04 - nr018.jpg” (file metadata information).

When imported via API Import into Omeka Classic that item’s file metadata information becomes this:

And original file name has changed into this: 8efe0414a4da3f96bbbd46c045aecdbe.jpg

Original file name has been, and still is, in so how this mess can be fixed and why/how this even happens?

Omeka always saves the actual files with that kind of URL. What’s happening here is that the import is pulling in the remote-side files by URL, so it’s using those URLs as the “original” name of the file.

I think the importer should be able to see and use the remote side’s original filenames and preserve them… but the importer would need to be changed to do that.

In terms of what gets displayed in various places, you can also set a Title on the file and that will be used instead.

Would the Archive Repertory plugin help with this issue?